Think small.

The fast, nimble account person needs to be thinking small. Not big.

Why? Because its our job – not just to be in the details – but to make sure that those details are giving the rest of the team protection & cover. Problems are everywhere, they are our currency but no one will ever give us an award for ‘contact report of the year’. But the details matter more than you think. They are our insurance policy against the riot storm of issues that could potentially – without you – kill a great campaign.

Remembering to pre-sell the creative work with your best examples, arranging the chairs correctly before a client meeting, stage managing the room with props that surprise your client, getting the receptionists the greet the clients by name on arrival – all the ‘little things’ that build trust in the account handler.

These are the small things that will buy you time & let the rest of the agency weave it’s magic.

So go on, think small – and give you & the team some breathing space…


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