Brief Amnesia

How many times have you been in a creative presentation & the client says those magic words ‘I don’t like it’ or even worse ‘I’m not sure this is going to fly, let me gather some opinion’. The latter is often a weasel word for the former & a bit of direct (preferably written & thought through) feedback will ordinarily keep everyone on track. As an account handler – whether a client likes the work can (often unfairly) land in your lap. We’ve all been there.

The most frustrating of occasions is when the client suffers from ‘briefus amnesius’. Better to accept that this will happen. Your client is busy & it’s your job to remind them – simply/clearly – of why the work will work. Set up so they don’ t forget that carefully crafted strategy your planner has lovingly shaped for the team. And insist that feedback (when written) considers the brief – not just whether the rest of the marketing department ‘likes’ it.

Never forget brief amnesia. Prevention is better than cure.


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