Love the ones you’re with

You never really know what you know until you start writing it down. And sometimes it seems so obvious that really we’re just talking about codified common sense.

You know that end of year feeling where contract discussions are in full swing & the phrase ’20xx will be an important year for new business’ is hanging in the air….

I don’t think I’ve ever ended (or started) an agency year where new business hasn’t been called out as a top priority. Everyone’s business is new business but old business can be a source of new business too…

As budgets get squeezed tighter, the need for quality client service & client retention draws even sharper into focus. In fact it should be prioritized at least as highly – if not higher – while the revenue at street level remains thin.

If you are winning client partners but losing your old ones then your revenue remains static and eventually your reputation suffers. Your top priority must be minimizing losses to zero.

So – love the ones you’re with. And make sure your client relationships are working for the conversations they need to have  in 2012…


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