The sound of creativity…

I came across an article this morning’s Guardian written about the new soundtrack for the hollywood adaptation ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. It’s been composed by Trent Reznor & he makes the point that he was previously turned down for some pretty major gigs based on the fact that he wasn’t regarded as a ‘a proper composer’. This is despite the fact that, in my opinion, he’s long been one of the most progressive sonic innovators of a generation.

The other movie soundtrack that Reznor collaborated on was ‘The social network’  -which of course won the Oscar for best soundtrack & there’s a line he uses in this article that explains the organizing thought behind the concept. Reznor explains that he was looking to capture ‘the sound of creativity’ on the record. The sound of something being born to a generation that would find it as much of a revelation as a revolution.

Listening to it again this morning made me reflect that it’s kind of like a dense, multilayered, highly complex sonic soup that helps communicate the birth of something new. In a way it kind of reflects the mood that I’m seeing through the business right now – broody, uncertain, edgy but with the breathy excitement around the explosion of new form.

Maybe the future won’t be defined by agencies & account handlers that aren’t ‘proper account people’ – it’s most likely going to take some hybrid form of skillsets to keep winning the shiny accolades in our business too. And as for the sound of creativity – well, that’s something that we can help set the conditions for, arrange, orchestrate, sell, package & marvel at. We can set the tuning fork & help inspire but also shape our own daily revelations into a revolution for something new. Something that’s been properly remastered…


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