This is more of a reflection on a current project than any insightful leap about the future of account handling. But maybe it’ll tie back.

I read a report today about 4 defining digital trends for 2012 & realized that 3 of them are pretty relevant to this blog/ obsessive compulsive hyper connected behavior.

The first trend was to do with smartphone boredom – you know that digital downtime when you are moving from one space to another & just have to muck about (for no better thing to do) on your device. The second was quantification – I.e using & tracking performance stats on portals etc to track your own digital footprint/activity. The third was more pervasive game theory or gamifying behavior -i.e using ‘check in’ mechanics & badge rewards. The last one I really can’t remember.

Anyway – I’ve just checked my blog stats on the train & started to write this on my iphone. When I get home I’ll go out for a run with my gps watch/upload the stats before getting home to play #BF3 so I can add to my online trophy haul. I’ll also check my online betting account (newly opened for work) & see what is going on through the trend bar in twitter to reroute to my followers. Not to mention vicariously spy on old school mates via facebook.

The social/personal point scoring, voyeurism, trophy collecting, sport & stat building seems much like a form of highly volatile digital mancrack.

These behaviors are kind of like how I imagine man magpies build nests. It’s also a weirdly addictive way to build out your own online brand. And is probably going to create new forms of very visible peer pressure too. Possible for us to derive insights from, gamify, package & no doubt sell stuff for clients.

Happy new year. And with the prospect of a true year of sport may it be filled with some Class A Mancrack. Game on.


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