Pathogenic ideas

This will probably turn into a much longer post at a later date but wanted to get this thought down while I still had it. It strikes me that in ‘the multiverse’ one of the ways that brands & clients will win is by looking for ideas that generate their own fission. Then cross the chasm.

Droga5 is heroic at this. And we all love them for it. Just re-watch this (it’s old but good):

And then take a click through the portfolio. The JayZ/Bing stuff is pretty awesome too:

And it’s just soooooo self generating & exciting & close to that whole experiential ARG stuff I’ve been noisy about before. I guess the Halo 3 believe campaign was close to this chain of thinking.

As is this:

It’s this kind of lateral, idea driven gymnastics that provide brands with a content rich platform to talk about.

So – the next time your client says ‘we need a new TV campaign’? Stop. Think. And see if you can turn conversation to ‘you need a thermonuclear explosion of highly contagious, weapon grade ideation’. It might sound slightly dickish but  I’m not sure we have a name for this type of stuff yet – you know those content generating ideas.

I was having this discussion with a colleague & he said ‘but isn’t that the same as an integrated campaign concept’? I thought about it for a bit & then decided that this type of idea is one that is conventionally pushed out. A content rich idea creates continuous conversation & pull. It uses engagement rather than interruption & is focused on making connections that are many to one rather than one to many…..

It’s a pathogenic idea. And we’ll probably come back to it. A lot.




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