I can’t stand moaning/whinging & general negativity at the start of a new year. I know we’re in a recession & there is doom/gloom on the news but that’s the last thing your client is going to want to hear about.

As margins get squeezed & the pressure gets put on to do more for less it’s easy to see problems. But problems don’t help anyone. Least of all your client. Problems are the remastered account persons currency – they are what we should thrive on.

The cliche goes – ‘don’t bring me problems. bring me solutions’. I’m okay with people bringing me problems as long as they have a damn good answer. Every agency has it’s limitations & so do team members. But don’t waste anyone’s time moaning. Get on with solving the problem – because it’s likely to be better for everyone. The client. The team. The manager.

Don’t shift blame. Or bitch. Or whinge. It’s a self lacerating doom loop that will only end up biting you on the arse. Find a window of opportunity to solve things – and then take the credit for sorting it out.

Complaining only focuses your thinking on what can’t be done. But the client – and the agency – is only really interested in what can be done. Make it your business to smile, get it done, be nice to people & deal with the art of the possible.

Don’t make it your business to whinge.


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