F.U.C.K & S.H.I.T

I’ll probably regret this post. But I was in a conversation today about a new acronym for K.I.S.S.

You know – ‘Keep It Simple Stupid.’

Basically we thought it sounded a bit dated. And that it needed remastering for the multiverse. So here goes a new acronym for a new generation of disruptive idea makers:



That’s right. Fuck & Shit. It’s not meant as a premeditative cry for help but more a gutteral reminder of the emotion that we need to generate in order to connect. Try that on for size Roland Barthes.

It’s punk planning but you get the picture. A simple breakout:

Fun & unconventional are self explanatory. Consider these the hygiene factors for setting up a good work process.

Creative. This is harder to define today but I like Steve Jobs definition of creativity being rooted in finding connections. It seems very relevant. Google it.

Kaleidoscopic. Shake the team & provide stimulus. You never know what might pop out.

Smart. Don’t just be engaging but consider the platforms we interact through. Who. Where. How. What technology will they experience you through.

Holistic. Yeah right. 360? So 1990. But think about other perspectives & stuff.

Iterative. On & on. And always on. Don’t stop till you’ve found the magic. It won’t come after draft 100. But maybe 101. Or 102.

Transmedial. Once that catalytic magic is in play it’s time to take aim & fire. Make it fly. Make it travel. Make it so.

And there we go. Simple right?


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