We go to extremes…

Tim & Eric’s new film has just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is getting great reviews.

Anyone who hasn’t yet been exposed to these guys then really should take note of why they win webby’s & consistently dominate you tube with some of the most screwed up content you’re likely to come across.


They go to extremes to offend & drop so much content that they were bound to eventually get a big picture release. They are making it available to stream over the web 2 months before it hits cinema’s on general release & you’ll here a lot about it in the mainstream media soon. Probably for the debate it’ll stir up about taste/the internet/morality & censorship. Word has it from some of the early previews on twitter tonight that it’s pretty twisted. Even for Tim & Eric.

There’s an interesting interview here about how these pirates ‘go to extremes’ & that Billy Joel’s track of the same theme was their anthem. Is this one of the ingredients to drive an idea for a connected experience? Is raw, gross out extremity more powerful than the borrowed interest of star wars myth/nostalgia that we see here?

Anyone not easily offended can check it out here & judge for themselves:

And compare the big screen stuff (which seems even more ‘extreme’ than what they were doing a few years ago):

Has a ramping up of our connectedness created what this guy warns about as ‘escalation’? Or is it just Tim & Eric?






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