Emotional content

Bruce Lee would be 70 years old in 2012 had his legend continued. Scanning back through you tube throws up all kinds of wisdom from the great man but the below really struck me. When you revist things in today’s landscape different meanings reveal themselves. It’s kind of the point that is made here about intertextuality. And it’s something that is likely to pop up through the Superbowl spots next weekend if we’re believe the buzz about a possible Honda spot being trailed with this:

Pop culture mash ups are nothing new but the reinterpretation of meaning based on our own ‘pop signature’ does seem to be very much on trend.  When a brand takes your collective pop signature & fuses it with a highly personalized digital footprint then stuff starts to get really interesting. I guess its kind of what facebook was getting at with it’s development of the like function & creation of timeline. This strikes me as an interesting way for brands to ’embed’ themselves in your life & I’m not sure anyone is really talking this way apart from maybe Google with this. This is what leads to brands (and agencies) needing to think about some of those other p’s rather than promotion. What about product design? What about price? What about packaging? What about placement?

A brilliant pub conversation the other night highlighted the fact that business generally faces one or a combination of three challenges. Is it a product issue (taste, colour etc)? Is it a brand issue (equity, trust etc)? Or is it a communication issue (media spend, creative etc). Maybe only by trying to help our clients reframe & define the real issue can remastered account handlers actually keep brands relevant. And then viewing this challenge through a much more kaleidoscopic lens where we create the conditions to assess much more important p’s mentioned above. In my opinion, there’s another great P that will help us locate brands in their pop culture timeline & build meaning through context. Perspective.

A great post on expands this thought here. And these guys are really on it.

It’s this kind of intertextual perspective & reframing that the great master could be instructing us on below. Focus on the finger & you’ll probably miss the opportunity to embed a brand in its most relevant cultural context. This is the place where emotional content really connects a brand experience together.




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