Not another Superbowl post

I’m not bothering with any of the Superbowl spots at the moment. The debate around the return of long format storytelling, borrowed nostalgic interest, too many car spots & crowd sourced creativity is frankly fuckety FUBAR.

So much so that a big shout out goes to my colleagues for showing me somewhere MUCH more interesting today. The digital homies invited me to a place called Society 46. And I the  had the pleasure of hanging out in the sort of place that I think it’ll be kind of tricky to define where they’ll be in 3/4 years time but the buzz around the place was really inspiring. Check them out here:

 At the session we heard about the continued blurring of the digital/physical space. These guys have labs where they blow stuff up/rip dinosaur robots apart & create cool experiences where you’re rewarded with checking in with your mobile. We could even paint using the gyroscopes in our iphones – which is pretty badass for your average lunchtime experience. I think they invited us to a workshop session & I really hope for a make day soon.
These guys played us a case film which I think has more breakthrough thinking in it than all the Superbowl spots put together. Now – I know we’re talking about completely different media/experiences etc but this type of  approach can often result in stuff like this. And isn’t that a better use of media/creative fees?

If only we had more exclusivity, interaction & fun in the Superbowl work this year then we’d be closer to pushing things. But I guess that’s another BIG opportunity for remastered account handlers & agencies across the world.

Seeing a fat ass dog & a squirrel suited Leno is pretty entertaining. But not inspiring. Or innovative. And maybe that’s just what we need in our industries premier showcase.


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