The art of presenting your ideas

Came across this the other day & felt it was one of the best presentations I’d seen on explaining how to package your case studies.

Last week saw two phrases ‘stick in my craw’ & the first of them popped out of this preso.

Transmedial ecosystem. Nothing new really. But as something where an idea exists as ‘the centre of gravity’ it’s kind of a future proof thought in the multiverse.

The second phrase was ‘NARB’ or an academic composite of ‘narrative’ & ‘bit’. It’s a term that explains why facebook has made it mandatory to organize via timeline. And why new boy Path is getting the critics swooning (despite the security issues last week which may shaft it’s credibility).

Basically a NARB is anyform of status cast that pops out in realtime & forms part of your personal, digital narrative. This bank of personal content is what we’re starting to create highly personal campaigns around & is a really interesting extension/space for communicators to look at connecting with. NARB targeting anyone?


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