Gamify this

As an avid gamer, IGN addict & bonefide product of generation playstation I’m loving the idea that Game Theory or gamification has crossed over. Playing is fun. Now that the web has a social layer it’s natural that we’re going to want to play in each others sandboxes & that game behaviour will move from the console, online & naturally into our offline worlds. If even your own energy footprint or something as obscure as protein folding can be gamified – then anything can.

More here. 

And with remix culture in full effect it’s only natural that we’d want to remix & recreate our 8bit memories using an open world platform like Minecraft. How many other games can take design elements so recognizable that you’d pay for a Tshirt with it’s game art to show that you understand this highly creative tribe.

And if proof of our love of hanging out on the web, socialising, remixing & sharing were needed then check this out. Not available to European’s yet but it takes game theory, social music platforms & mash ups to a whole new dynamic. A seriously fun waste of time:


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