Who owns culture?

It’s the question that keeps popping up. With the future UI of You Tube gathering pace & a continued movement to a more ‘lean back’ experience it’s raising some pretty big questions about how we’ll  interact with next generation smart/touch TV’s & the content provided through them.  Google are already making a lot of noise about future interactions here.  And it’ll continue to ramp up as the battle for your living room intensifies. Multi-viewing (laptop/tablet + TV) is now very commonplace & this is already proving problematic for media planners/agencies to secure an ever dwindling attention span. But what happens when you buy one of these:

And these services become increasingly smart & part of your own social ecosystem:

And this type of art get’s even easier to make, share & promote yourself:

And the new Tay Zonday’s & Rebecca Black’s are born, remixed & reborn to infinity. Where garage studio’s in Hollywood are full of micro-content producing web tv stars. These guys are even more at the mercy of a disposable celebrity culture than ever before. But are they papped & breaking news on TMZ? Are they getting tables at the best restaurants in LA? Are they making money to go along with the 85m hits gained after the last comedy short? Will we pine for Clooney? Or wonder where the real stars actually went rather than just another You Tube clip that made us laugh. Is this phase of ‘social stardom’  a Bieber bubble – the same trend that Facebook is allegedly tapping? What follows this group? Is it self sustaining? Can we continue to produce, remix & recreate original output? Sure – we’ll still get angry about the Star Wars prequels but have we all really got a stake in what we’ve paid good money to actually watch? Will the cultural mash up machine start making real money or will be left looking at the George Lucas’s of the world who told us they were right. That it’s their ball.  Can we really rent culture & then mash it out of all recognition? Or is Lucas actually correct when he says that they are his movies & he’ll do what he wants with them.

It’s an interesting one & with the pace of change accelerating, platforms/tech converging & with agencies/advertisers grappling with where ‘the value’ is – surely there’s an industry debate to be had about what the boundaries are between creation, interaction & authorship. Or maybe we’ll just ‘lean back’ & wonder where all the real movies, stars & quality entertainment went? Is it a cultural doom loop? A black hole that’s eating all the quality content & spitting out disposable, user generated ‘stuff’.Or is the most creative time to be around with a hyper connected network of creators, critics & curators.

Would Truffaut or Goddard ‘lean back’? What would they make of the kind of home brew, bedroom superstardom? Will the auteur rise again? Probably – yes. Remixed – certainly.


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