Emotional content pt 2

I read an interesting article this week about the one innovation that’s driving the facebook valuation more than any other. The like button.

Simple as this may seem – it’s actually an extremly powerful lesson in how to drive emotional content for the multiverse. The like button not only turns information into communication at the touch of a button – but ’emotes’ the social layer of the web. I really hadn’t thought about it in those terms  before & as soon as that connection was made I started seeing not just ’emotional content’ but ’emotional interactivity’ pretty much everywhere.

Check this:

It’s from the same dudes that brought us this awesomeness:

What can cooler (or more emotional) than having a song written about you. Or connecting through a social network to inspire a real life interaction over coffee or lunch.

It also strikes me that emotional content is becoming the defacto product for connecting through social layer – the what but not the why of the multiverse.

The why seems to be more about being in the relationship business & it’s something that the guardian wrote a great article about this week here. As ever with the relationship business it’s about not just being relevant but staying relevant. Or better still – staying interesting & relevant. Without relevance your not going to be talked about.

This means that if you’re not part of the conversation then you basically don’t exist.

So what’s the secret? It used to be that brands had to have control over their look & feel. But today – with the social layer – it’s got to be about influencing the character of a brand through a connected experience. Sure – managing more emotional content is one tool in the kit bag – but it’s just one aspect of being able to influence brand character in the multiverse. Without an organizing thought or an idea there is no bonfire. There are no fireworks. And there is no emotional content.

But – and this is the important learning for me this week – without understanding the relationship between brands & their customers the idea & therefore the emotional content will always lack relavance & be less powerful at affecting the coversation.

Obvious? Maybe. But in trying to think through these hyperconnected times sometimes stating the blindingly obvious isn’t a bad reminder of where to put the focus.



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