Interactive art

So after a hectic, culture packed weekend at the fantastic Louisiana (outside Copenhagen) & also visiting Hamlet’s castle at Kronberg I snapped the attached. I noticed that even though attendants were pretty much everywhere it was still possible to snap your own stuff in the gallery. This is pretty interesting from the perspective of reinterpreting your own cultural experience & sharing it with others. Will an art gallery actually embrace this remixing of our own experiences? Or keep the attendants from letting you take pictures. It’s an interesting tension that is starting to pop up in galleries all over the world I would think. The dominance of the hipstamatic/instagram led apps would defintely make it possible & the filter culture would make it a really interesting exercise in reinterpretation.

As I was trudging through the casemates, in the underground vaults at Kronberg & then following the guide through the royal ballrooms I thought of the below.

Sure – our ruddy faced Danish guide was interesting but imagine taking your smart phone & using QR codes to activate the tour yourself together with augemented content.

I’m sure we’re only weeks away from this happening somewhere in the world. And next stop brands, retailing & RFID integration…


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