The entrepreneurial suit

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great people in my time but never the legendary Johnny Hornby – the founding suit at CHI.

In the below interview he shares a lot of interesting perspective – particularly the approach of the entrepreneur that I think helps elevate & change good relationships into game changing ones. Around the 12min section Johnny talks about the 2 parts of account handling – which I think are fusing more & more today into one.

The first part is the button down, safe pair of hands, detail orientated project manager. Timing plans, status reports, time sheets, running the WIP. These are the mechanical, operational side of account handling that you need to be world class at. And it’s all you’ll hear about in training schools across the world. Be organized. Be on top of things. This is crucial to get from A to B to C to D.

But more and more I think we’re needing account handlers that are naturally gifted at the second part of what Johnny is talking about. The relationship management side of things. Inspiring clients,  inspiring creative, listening, setting a direction & bringing people with you. This is critical for when you need to get from A to unknown. Unknown is where the magic is at. Unknown is where you find the transformative stuff that changes a business.

Use every opportunity you have to build integrity & honesty so that the work can have the best chance of being great. Being clear & open with clients to foster a shared commitment will not only get great work out but maybe even change the way an organization thinks.

It’s not about us & them. Involve early. We even briefed a recent campaign to the creative teams together with the client in the room. How’s that for colloborative.

It’s about how we can shine together. And celebrate that we’ve changed something. Together.

See below for the full interview – it’s long but well worth it.


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