Ninja Turtles & the new aesthetic


This stuff from JvM has been driving a lot of buzz this week. The guys over at adland have a great piece on where this visual idea may have originally come from here. The question is where do we draw the line & does this matter. Sure the creative team has had to take the visual & wrap around a thought that works for the brand. In this case the childlike wonder of letting your mind see things & make things: using the raw material of colourful Danish building blocks.

I’ve always been a big fan of work that asks you to ‘connect the dots’. You know. Fill in the blanks & make the final creative leap yourself. The ‘ah ha moment’ you could say.  Print & poster executions are historically great at this – check out an old Land Rover piece here to get what I mean:


But what I really like about this stuff from JvM is that it takes the ‘new aesthetic’ that Russell Davies has been talking about & connects it to popular culture for a brand that is timeless. In short – it’s a very modern print idea & makes a lot of sense to group of parents that have grown up with 8bit videogames/carry computers in their jeans.

Regardless of where the original visual originated the creative team have still had to execute it in a way that creates meaning for the brand & for today’s target audience.

All the more powerful that this is done with a single word: Imagine.

As I mentioned to some interns last week & blogged about here. A great idea is best defined as the combination of old & new elements together.

The trick is finding the right ones that make the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end.


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