Adventures at Hyper Island

I attended a Hyper Island playground the other night & wanted to capture some stuff that was talked about.

The focus of the playground was around a new course that the team are launching about interactive project management. Its a new program for professionals who aspire to become experts in planning, leading & delivering digital projects. Running for 10 weeks on Tuesday evening the program starts with a two day intensive workshop.

Taking place at the Hyper Island space here in Stockholm the course will provide lots of tools/processes & practices around how to run projects in a constantly changing landscape. More here. 

What excited me about this course is what I’ve been blogging about here. And was driving at with Forbes here. And debating at Berghs here. Basically that the old method of ‘taking an order’ from a client is on it’s way out. And that inventing projects together with clients, where an iterative process is preferred to the linear & that the focus is on facilitation of ideas rather than ‘checklists’.

We learnt about techniques used in improv theatre such as ‘And yes’. That ‘Yes’ is an enabler for ideation. Where no is a blocking word.

That to keep the energy flowing with ideas you need to constantly generate & innovate in smaller/larger groups.

But crucially you need to involve clients from the very start of this type of process so that there is joint commitment & trust that is committed to changing behaviour. And that if that trust isn’t there then maybe this isn’t the way to work for you.

How’s that for integrity.

See below for a key summary. On the left you have the values of old school project management & on the right you have the future approach. Awesome.


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