What is an idea worth

Yesterday I blogged about some interesting & fairly abstract stuff to do with the idea making process.

Basically that the ideation phase is all about Yes. And that curation is all about No.

Yes = the energetic, chaotic & iterative process of creativity.  No = focus, packaging & team unity behind the presentation of the idea.

Now – when you’re chasing butterflies it’s easy to get lost.

No more so than in the sticky subject of client remuneration for an idea.

When talking about this topic with some students recently I couldn’t help but open up the discussion about how we (as an industry) charge for our ideas. The ‘hourly rate’ discussions don’t seem to reflect the real value in ideas today. And seem more like the circular discussions that pop up here. 

The brilliant Lee Clow has a lot of balls. And he opens this up right here. In his office – with client work in the background:

I think through this constantly evolving new landscape it’s becoming quite clear where the value is. Transformative ideas. And  if the rules have been rewritten thanks to the social layer of the web & our own hyperconnectivty – then isn’t it time we had a good look at our industries pricing model?

Who wants to have a very small slice of a very small (and increasingly shrinking) pizza when transformative ideas can change the way a businss thinks/acts & delivers value to shareholders/customers? See dollar shave club.

This type of idea/change process/approach has to be worth more than the creative services to make a TV spot? The WPP aquisition of Brooklyn Agency – Big Spaceship – is another key indicator. Maybe we need to put our best (and most experienced minds) together to solve this. Ad Contrarian has some reflections on leveraging our most experienced talent here. 

There’s a new model emerging where a forward thinking, rule bending approach to renumeration seems to satisfy a world where there are no rules anymore. A helpful slideshare presentation on the topic is here:


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