Interactive content that rocks

I wrote a long piece on future value creation here with regard to interactive content & storytelling.

2 very different examples struck me in the last couple of days.

First up is Tipp Ex & return of the Hunter/Bear combo here: 

It’s fun. But in a cut & paste sort of way. Also – on the topic of ‘value creation’ – there’s not much commercial relevance here or any real way to show how the work is having any direct impact on the business. People will – no doubt – say: ‘but that’s not the point – this type of activity is great for building buzz but not for driving sales’. I would disagree.

Next up are the combined forces of Uncle Grey/North Kingdom with a really beautifully crafted story here: 

Now, one of these examples – in my opinion – really helps showcase an extremely exciting space that sits between brand building, immersive storytelling – and crucially – sales. Yes, sales. That old chesnut.

The way the web works today is so compact & so powerful that when it’s handled correctly it’s jaw droppingly cool.

The film will naturally drive awareness, interest & desire through it’s stunning production & interactivity. It lets the viewer share the fashion inventory through facebook & pinterest. And in the words of the girls I’ve shown this too – ‘it’s inspiring’, ‘the most elegant fashion experiences I’ve seen’ & my favorite – ‘I want that jacket, where can I buy it’.

Now – that last reaction is the sort that you want – and often the overlooked bit when it comes to the interactive space. I know fashion & tip ex are worlds apart but we can’t ignore the important lesson this shows us. The gap between – I want & I buy is very small in a world that is always on.

Not only can you be part of the experience, get inspired, be in the know, share it with others but you can also get stuff too.

As said, it’s beautifully crafted.


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