The 3rd space

There’s been a lot of stuff buzzing around marketing as a service & integrating the on/offline worlds together. Just a couple of scrapbook like posts below that helped me get my head around some new cool shit.

The pic above is from Fujitsu who have developed the world’s thinnest and smallest biometric authentication sensor that detects your palm vein. The company believes that the technology can now be used in tablets and mobile phones to prevent unauthorized logins. The tiny device measures only 5mm thick and includes an upgraded image sensor and optical components. But it doesn’t need to stop there.

This could be technology that you wear – further shortening the connection between the offline/online world.

Imagine the possibilities of combining this type of tech together with some of the hacks from the kinect platform:

or blending together with AR.

or colliding with social platforms like this:

The 3rd space is here – & it’s not going to be limited to RFID interactions.


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