The long idea

It’s award season & with Cannes just around the corner we’re getting some indicators.

72 & Sunny seem to be cleaning up with the Kenny Powers stuff for KSwiss but what I’m more interested in is their approach behind the work.

Cannes introduces a couple of new categories this year: Mobile (about time) & Branded Entertainment Content.

Both of these new categories are reflecting what seems to be going on with this Kenny Powers stuff.

The idea not only ‘has legs’ but is a whole world of ‘what if’ that tells it’s story across media. It’s a world that unites it’s parts into a very entertaining whole. More than that – it’s an alternate reality – that can keep generating content over an extended period of time.

It’s a long idea.

And it’s taking the rules of the beer category/docu-soap comedy & applying them to fitness in a post recession America.

In a world where popular culture is fueled by many temporary blasts of interest – it strikes me that this idea can keep on & on. The challenge will be to keep it fresh. And keep it pulsating with new scenarios – fueling the upward engagement curve & keeping it from dropping back into the chasm.

72 & Sunny claim that there all about making brands matter in culture – & it’ll be really interesting to see how KP can keep you entertained over the duration.

It’s a pinball idea. It’s surprising. It’s cross platform. It interrupts but entertains & ultimately engages with it’s alternative world. Like Sons of Anarchy or Game of Thrones you look forward to more ‘stuff’ from this world.

Maybe what’s so culturally interesting is that it pokes fun at a category that has been taking itself a bit too seriously lately.

And that exercise is really escapism from some of the more heavy going realities of office live. That it celebrates the heretic taking on the corporate antibodies & driving change with new ideas.

And that there’s an obvious tyrannical boss ‘vacuum’ left by the tragic passing of SJ. But that the archetype lives on.

Maybe I’ve been reading a bit too much cultural strategy but there’s something all the more transparent & human about this brand that no-one really noticed before this alterante reality emerged.

Now, that’s a reality distortion field for you .


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